"Julie Blue, what a performer! 

She took our quiet little gospel hour on Sunday morning and galvanized it into Prime Time.

Julie has the amazing gift of drawing in both audience and other performers and making them a part of her joy in music.  It's impossible not to be captured by her songs, her spirit and beautiful voice.  Truly a major highlight of our

Keith Alexander
Artistic Director
Edge of the World Music Festiva

"Julie Blue possesses a fabulous spirit which expresses itself in her music. It was wonderful to see her work with the people who came to our Peace in the City celebration. Her music is transformational, touching people in their deepest humanity."

...Rev. Bruce Sanguin
Canadian Memorial Church



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"Julie is a woman of depth and insight and this is expressed through her music. Her comfort in working with groups, as well as her unique style and musical compositions, engage and uplift."

... Rev. Candace Frank
Centre for Spiritual Living


"I am so grateful to have found a place  in your choir. I leave choir every week wanting to do my best and be thoughtful in everything I do. The confidence I'm gaining singing out my song is so empowering. I want everyone  in the world to feel it. It's allowing me to step out of my comfort zone in other areas and believe in  myself.  So again thank you Julie Blue."          

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